Safety for Seniors and Managers

Health & safety is an essential culture for managers to ensure the safe operation of biomedical facilities

Cost: £225 per person + VAT
Duration: One day
Venue: At your own premises or at selected venues around the UK

A good health and safety culture is essential to the safe operation of biomedical facilities. In the current business climate where we are increasingly trying to manage more with less all too often safety can become less of a priority than actually getting the job done. The result can be that if employees perceive that more senior staff are not fully committed to the companies health and safety policy and appear to find the whole issue a necessary burden then it will be much harder to develop and maintain a high standard of safety at work.

As managers and supervisors we have both a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that ourselves, our employees and anyone else who might be affected by our operations are protected and kept safe. Equally our employees also have similar responsibilities and must carry out and support the requirements of the company policy under our guidance and direction.

We are in a position of influence and if we routinely put aside some of our time for health and safety we have the tools and the capacity to instil a healthy culture throughout our staff and indeed to those using and visiting our facilities.

The aim of this day is to remind ourselves of our responsibilities, re-evaluate the tools that we already have and look at ways in which we can develop and maintain a vibrant health and safety culture.

Learning outcomes:
  • Legislation including recent changes
  • Our responsibilities for health and safety
  • The hazards we face and how to control them
  • Risk assessment
  • All accidents are preventable aren’t they?
  • Building relationships which promote a good health and safety culture
  • Human Factors-what people do and why
  • The safety culture