Named Animal Care and Welfare Officer (NACWO)

Named Animal Care & Welfare Officer

Named Animal Care & Welfare Officer (NACWO) two-day interactive workshop accredited by the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT).  The online assessment is completed at the end of day two.

Duration: Two-day NACWO live webinar
Cost of workshop: £400 per person (plus VAT at £80)
IAT Certificate fee: £30 per person (VAT exempt)
Total price: £430 excluding VAT (£510 including VAT)

Duration: One-day NACWO Refresher live webinar
Cost: £250 per person + VAT
Delivered virtually, at your own premises or at selected venues around the UK

See the NACWO Event List for workshop dates. If there isn’t a course scheduled, why not contact TLC to arrange one at your premises.

In the conduct of their professional duties Animal Technologists have a moral and legal obligation – at all times – to promote and safeguard the welfare of animals in their care, and recognising that good laboratory animal welfare is an essential component of good laboratory animal technology and science.

Summary of responsibilities:

All Named Animal Care & Welfare Officers (NACWOs) should be qualified, competent and experienced staff, and usually but not exclusively, are animal technologists. The NACWO will have extensive knowledge of welfare and husbandry requirements of the species housed within their given areas. At the end of this training course the participant will have information and knowledge on the following subjects:

        • Have detailed knowledge & understanding of various legislation relating to animals including
          • Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 Amendment Regulations 2012
          • Animal Welfare Act 2006
          • Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966
          • Animal Health Act 1981
          • Rabies (Importation of Dogs, Cats and Other Mammals) Order 1974
          • BALI Directive
          • Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

        • Knowledge of the Code of Practice for the Housing & Care of Laboratory Animals
          • Husbandry
          • Welfare
          • Environmental conditions
          • Breeding
          • Scientific procedures
          • Humane euthanasia

        • Animal health and behaviour
          • Know the signs of good general health
          • Ability to recognise any variance from normal health and behaviour
          • How to deal with variance of normal health and behaviour

        • Supervision of staff
          • How to deal with a range of human behaviours
          • How to ensure competence of staff and others
          • Action to take if animal welfare is compromised

        • Communication
          • Be a source of advice
          • Maintain communication with NVS, Procedure Establishment Licence holder and Home Office Inspector
          • Taking part in the Animal Welfare & Ethical Review Body (AWERB)
          • Communicate with other NACWOs

NACWO Refresher

Is it over two years since you attended a NACWO course? TLC provide a one day refresher to keep your knowledge current.

Course feedback
  • ‘This course was really useful and well structured and informative, it was also a useful legislation refresher for me’
  • ‘I feel confident in becoming a NACWO’
  • ‘I really enjoyed the course with an excellent teacher who is clearly passionate about his job’
  • ‘I found this course very interesting and useful. More ethics and law than I was expecting but all good. The teacher was obviously a very caring soul!! and made for good listening and keeping me engaged’