To provide sound theoretical knowledge of the principles that underpin the practice of animal technology, and to improve the welfare of animals and the quality of animal science necessary to fulfill the increasingly demanding role of animal technologists under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 Amendment Regulations 2012, and wider European legislation

IAT Level 2 & 3 The Learning Curve is proud to be an Approved Centre, delivering Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) courses and assessing students

The IAT is recognised as an Awarding Body under the Framework Regulated Qualifications (FRQ). The Office of Qualification and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulate the qualifications that use the FRQ to maintain standards and confidence in qualifications

Studying with TLC offers flexibility.  Not only are there face-to-face tutorials with support from our E-learning site, but learners can also use our E-learning site to study both Levels and 2 and 3 Diplomas via distance learning.

Level 2 Diploma in Laboratory Animal Science & Technology

  • Laboratory animal housing & routines (F/602/5879)
  • The production of laboratory animals (T/602/5880)
  • Laboratory animal nutrition (A/602/5881)
  • Introduction to laboratory animal science ethics (L/615/1145)
  • Introduction to laboratory animal facility legislation (L/615/1147)
  • Laboratory animal health & husbandry (J/602/5883)
  • Laboratory animal biology (Y/602/6049)
  • Animal facility physical science (L/602/6050)
  • Numeracy for animal technologists (D/602/6053)
  • Communication for animal technologists (Y/602/6052)
  • Information Communication Technology for animal technologists (R/602/6051)

ASET Bursary

Level 3 Diploma in Laboratory Animal Science & Technology

  • Housing and biosecurity barriers in laboratory animal facilities (A/602/5976)
  • Disease control (M/602/6039)
  • Laboratory animal welfare (H/602/6040)
  • Management of breeding colonies (K/602/6041)
  • The use of GA animals in research (M/602/6042)
  • Scientific procedures (T/602/6043)
  • Ethics (H/615/1149)
  • Laboratory animal facility legislation (Y/615/1150)
  • Animal transportation (J/602/6046)
  • Animal cell biology (L/602/6047)
  • Laboratory animal physiology (R/602/6048)

Qualifications that use the FRQ rules are made up of units which provide flexible ways to attain a qualification. View the IAT Syllabus for more information See the IAT Level II Event List for dates See the IAT Level III Event List for dates To view the terms and conditions of these courses, please click here.