Home Office E1/L, PIL AB and C Virtual Webinars, Face-to-face and Online Classes

Home Office Modular Training accredited by the Royal Society of Biology and the Scottish Accreditation Board

We deliver classes virtually by webinar, online via our E-learning platform, at your own premises or at selected venues around the UK

Tutor led Home Office virtual webinar and face-to-face courses:
E1/L: £200 per person + VAT
E1/L, PIL AB: £450 per person + VAT
E1/L, PIL ABC: £650 per person + VAT
PIL C: £300 per person + VAT
PIL AB Additional Species: £250 per person, per species + VAT
Certificate Fee: £35 per person

Fully online Home Office courses:
PIL AB and Module K Dog: £250 per person + VAT
Certificate Fee: £35 per person

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Additional dates are available for group bookings, simply contact us via the Contact/Booking link or email us as at Info@LearningCurveDevelopment.co.uk to discuss your training needs or to book onto our virtual or online courses

If you would prefer to talk to us about our courses, call us on +44 (0) 1279 814969

Course Overview

All personal licence applicants must successfully complete L and E1, and PIL A and B. PIL A courses are species specific. Those planning to undertake invasive surgery must also successfully complete PIL C.

Each training course consists of a series of modules, as follows:

L and E1

  • Module 1: National Legislation
  • Module 2: Ethics, animal welfare and the Three Rs


  • Module 3.1: Basic and appropriate biology
  • Module 4: Animal care, health and management
  • Module 5: Recognition of pain, suffering and distress
  • Module 6.1: Humane methods of killing theory
  • Module 7: Minimally invasive procedures without anaesthesia

You will be assessed locally for Module 3.2 Basic and Appropriate Biology (species specific practical) and Module 8: Minimally invasive procedures without anaesthesia (species specific skills)PIL B

  • Module 20: Anaesthesia for minor procedures (NB: anaesthesia less than 15 minutes – minor procedures only)


  • Module 21: Advanced anaesthesia for surgical or prolonged procedures
  • Module 22: Principles of surgery


The Learning Curve regularly provide PIL AB training for people who will be using mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits. We also provide half-day PIL AB training for licensees wishing to use other species including chickens, chicken embryos, dogs, goats, hamsters, minipigs and old world primates.