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Home Office Modular Training accredited by the Royal Society of Biology and the Scottish Accreditation Board

We deliver classes virtually by webinar, online via our E-learning platform, at your own premises or at selected venues around the UK

IAT Level 2 & 3Live, Tutor Led Courses
Webinars or face-to-face delivery:
L/E1: £200 per person + VAT
L/E1, PIL AB: £450 per person + VAT
L/E1, PIL ABC: £650 per person + VAT
L/E1, Module K: £250 per person + VAT
PIL C: £300 per person + VAT
PIL AB Additional Species: £250 per person, per species + VAT
Certificate Fees: £30 per person, per species

The Royal Society of Biology allows courses and species to be grouped on certificates as follows:

  • L/E1 plus PIL AB for guinea pig, mouse, rabbit and rat and PIL C
  • L/E1 plus PIL AB for non-human primates and PIL C
  • L/E1 plus PIL AB for goat and pig and PIL C
  • L/E1 plus PIL AB for dog and PIL C
  • L/E1 plus PIL AB for hamster and PIL C
  • L/E1 plus PIL AB for chicken and PIL C

Visit our website calendar or view our events lists E1/L PIL AB Event List , E1/L PIL ABC Event List for class dates

Additional dates are available for group bookings, simply contact us via the Contact/Booking link or email us as at Info@LearningCurveDevelopment.co.uk to discuss your training needs or to book onto our virtual or online courses

IAT Level 2 & 3On-demand, Online Courses and Online Webinar
Delivered via recorded webinars and eBooks with interactive resources to study at your own pace:
L/E1 (recorded webinars): £200 per person + VAT
L/E1 (eBook): £200 per person + VAT
PIL AB Dog (eBook): £250 per person + VAT
Certificate Fee: £18 per person

To view an example of the material available in an online course, follow this link

If you would prefer to talk to us about our courses, call us on +44 (0) 1279 814969

Course Overview

All personal licence applicants must successfully complete L and E1, and PIL A. PIL A courses are species specific and PIL B is anaesthesia for minor procedures (non-invasive, less than 15 minutes). Those planning to undertake invasive surgery must also successfully complete PIL C.

Each training course consists of a series of modules, as follows:

L and E1

  • Module 1: National Legislation
  • Module 2: Ethics, animal welfare and the Three Rs


  • Module 3.1: Basic and appropriate biology – species specific (theory)
  • Module 4: Animal care, health and management
  • Module 5: Recognition of pain, suffering and distress
  • Module 6.1: Humane methods of killing (theory)
  • Module 7: Minimally invasive procedures without anaesthesia

You will be assessed locally for Module 3.2: Basic and Appropriate Biology – species specific (skills) and Module 8: Minimally invasive procedures without anaesthesia (species specific skills)


  • Module 20: Anaesthesia for minor procedures (NB: anaesthesia less than 15 minutes – minor procedures only)


  • Module 21: Advanced anaesthesia for surgical or prolonged procedures
  • Module 22: Principles of surgery


The Learning Curve regularly provide PIL AB training for people who will be using mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits. We also provide PIL AB training for licensees wishing to use other species including chickens, chicken embryos, dogs, goats, hamsters, minipigs and old world primates.