OLD EU Directive 2010/63EU

Legal Compliance and Responsibilities workshop

Cost £200 + VAT per person
Half day course
7 IAT CPD credits

This course will review the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. Personal Licence holders are required to be up-to-date with their level of knowledge concerning this Act of Parliament.

Complacency may lead to unfortunate and avoidable infringements. This course will discuss the framework of the 1986 Act and use fictitious examples of Personal and Project Licence infringements which could easily be avoided. Staff will conclude with an assessment of their competency for an accurate gauge of their level of knowledge.

Learning outcomes:

  • To refresh and reinforce current legislation
  • Ensure that authorisation is granted before carrying out research work
  • How to identify avoidable mistakes and assumptions
  • Be able to carry out regulated research without committing infringements.